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Harvesting Potatoes for Storage

Potatoes that will be stored through the fall and winter should be harvested when mature. Depending on the cultivar, this will be approximately 70 to 120 days after planting.



The vines will start to die back in late summer or early fall, when the tubers are mature. In regions where wet fall weather may hamper harvest, potato plants may be cut off at the soil surface using pruning shears. Stop irrigating after the tops die back naturally or you cut them off. This promotes wound healing and tuber maturation.

Dig your potatoes approximately 2 weeks after the vines have died back or been cut back. Waiting allows the skin to thicken, so they will not injure as easily when dug.

This material is excerpted from the WSU publication Growing Potatoes in Home Gardens FS118E

Submitted by: Marianne Ophardt, August 24 2015


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