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Harvesting Winter Squash

Winter squashes are harvested fully mature when the skins feel hard and waxy. In autumn, there is no hurry to harvest winter squashes unless excessively cold or wet weather is approaching. Pick winter squashes with stems attached. Cure in a warm, dry place and store at room temperature. Under these conditions, winter squashes store between 3 to 5 months. After the final harvest, be sure to remove and destroy the leftover plant debris. Alternatively, turning under the remaining plant material into the garden soil can help replenish nutrients and contribute to the organic content of the soil.

Photo credit: Trevor Mattea, Wikimedia Commons

Photo credit: Trevor Mattea, Wikimedia Commons


For more information please see WSU publication Growing Squash in Home Gardens FS087E

Submitted by: Catherine Daniels, Oct. 21, 2015


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