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Space Availability and Plant Selection for a New Hedge

It is important to plan the layout of a screen or hedge before installation. Once trees or shrubs are planted and begin growing, it can be difficult to make changes. Factors to consider include the available space on the property; whether it will be a formal or informal design; the need for deciduous or evergreen plants; the aesthetics of plant texture; and, in areas prone to wildfire, the need for defensible space. One of the biggest design mistakes made is planting species that are too large for the designated area.

Photo credit: Charles Brun, WSU Horticulture Specialist, emeritus

Photo credit: Charles Brun, WSU Horticulture Specialist, emeritus

The WSU publication Selecting Plants for Screens and Hedges EM089E  can help with the many questions regarding planning, design and plant selection of a new hedge

Submitted by: Paula Dinius, May 11, 2016


2 comments on “Space Availability and Plant Selection for a New Hedge”

  1. Rosie Cowell said on August 29, 2019:

    I was using your EM089E publication (Selecting Plants for Screens and Hedges) to help with my hedge plans, but now it has disappeared! The link no longer works. It was a great document. Is it possible to bring it back? Thanks!

    • Chalker-Scott, Linda K said on August 29, 2019:

      The university has changed ALL of the urls for our publications. Each one must now be changed manually on this web site. It will take some time. Thanks for your patience.

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